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Nature Gas Dehydration
As raw nature gas normally contains saturated water, hydrogen sulfide, carbon dioxide and other impurities. These impurities should be removed by Molecular Sieve as much as possible in order to meet the requirement of marketable gas.
Molecular Sive 4A and 5A are widely used by in nature gas dehydration process.

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> After dehydration by molecular sieve the dew point of natural gas decrease significantly, which can avoid nature gas freeze during such processes as liquefaction, pipeline transportation, or cryogenic separation.
> At the same time, the moisture is more likely to react with hydrogen sulfide, carbon dioxide, and other gases in the natural gas. As a result, both pipeline and equipment will be seriously corroded.
> So deep dehydration and desiccation for natural gas by using molecular sieve is widely used natural gas plant.
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