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Molecular Sieve 4A

Standard Spiral Wound Gasket

Product Description:

Molecular sieve 4A made by synthetic zeolite powder, which has zeolite A crystal structure, with selected mineral binder.4A Molecular sieves has an effective pore opening of 4Å (0.4nm), so molecules which diameter less than 4Å can be adsorbed by molecular sieve 4A. Molecular sieve mostly used for dehydration of natural gas in the market.

JianLong Chemical’s molecular sieve has stable and excellent static and kinetic adsorption capacity and higher crush strength.
Technical Specification:

Static Water Adsorption%wt≥ 21.50≥ 21.50≥ 21.50≥ 21.50RH50%, 25℃
Crush StrengthN≥ 30.00≥ 80.00≥ 30.00≥ 70.00Avg. 25 beads
Crush Strengthlbs≥ 7.00≥ 18.00≥ 7.00≥ 16.00Avg. 25 beads
Bulk Densityg/ml≥ 0.70≥ 0.70≥ 0.65≥ 0.65Settled
Bulk Density lbs/ft3 ≥ 43.00≥ 43.00≥ 40.00≥ 40.00Settled
Loss on Ignition%wt≤ 1.50≤ 1.50≤ 1.50≤ 1.50575℃, 1hr
Loss on Attrition%wt≤ 0.10≤ 0.10≤ 0.30≤ 0.30~
Particle Ratio%≥ 97.00≥ 99.00~~~
Recommended Application:
1. Drying of unsaturated hydrocarbons (e.g. ethylene, propylene, butadiene)
2. Cracked Gas Drying.
3. Drying of natural gas.
4. Drying of highly polar compounds, such as methanol and ethanol.
Packaging Information:
TypeCartonDrumSuper sack
Bead25kg/ 55 lb150 kg/ 330 lb1000 kg/ 2200 lb
Pellet25kg/ 55 lb150 kg/ 330 lb1000 kg/ 2200 lb