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Molecular Sieve 13X

Standard Spiral Wound Gasket

Product Description:
Jianlong Chemical's molecular sieve 13X has stable and excellent static and kinetic adsorption capacity and higher crush strength, our molecular sieve 13X has been well acceptable by domestic and abroad cryogenic air separation company.

At the same time, Jianlong Chemical has develped specical improved molecular sieve for cryogenic air separtion process, which can increase adsorption time and decrease desorption temperature.
Technical Specification:

Static Water Adsorption%wt≥26.00≥26.00≥26.00≥26.00RH50%, 25℃
Static CO2 Adsorption%wt≥17.50≥17.50≥17.50≥17.50250mmHg, 25℃
Crush StrengthN≥30.00≥80.00≥30.00≥70.00Avg. 25 bead
Crush Strengthlbs≥7.00≥18.00≥7.00≥16.00Avg. 25 beads
Bulk Densityg/ml≥0.62≥0.62≥0.62≥0.62Settle
Bulk Densitylbs/ft3 ≥38.00≥38.00≥38.00≥38.00Settled
Loss on ignition%wt≤1.50≤1.50≤1.50≤1.50575℃, 1hr
Particle Ratio
Recommended Application:
1. Removal of CO2 and moisture from air (air pre-purification) and other gases.
2. Separation of enriched oxygen from air.
3. Removal of mercaptans and hydrpogen sulphide from hydrocarbon liquid streams such as LPG, butane, propane etc.
4. Catalyst protection, removal of oxygenates from hydrocarbons (olefin streams).
5. Removal of n-chained compositions from aromatics.
Packaging Information:
TypeCartonDrumSuper sack
Bead25 kg/ 55 lb140 kg/ 308 lb1000 kg/ 2200 lb
Pellet25 kg/ 55 lb130 kg/ 286 lb1000 kg/ 2200 lb