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Ethanol dehydration
Ethanol as manufactured is rectified spirit, which is 94.68% alcohol, and rest is water. It is not possible to remove remaining water from rectified spirit by straight distillation as ethanol forms a constant boiling mixture with water at this concentration and is known as azeotrope.
Moleculare Sieve 3A is widely used for ethanol dehydration process in large industrial absolute ethanol plan.

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> Most of the ethanol dehydration plants for production of absolute ethanol are based on azeotropic distillation, which can help us get 95% ethanol, but it can not provide higher purity ethanol.
> In order to get absolute ethanol, the Molecular Sieve pressure swing adsorption(PSA) process is required. After dehydration and condensation, the concentratioin of anhydrous ethanol can come to more than 99%.
> Comparing to the conentional azeotropic distillation process, Molecular Sieve PSA process provide excellent dehydration effect, superior product quality, advanced technology, as well as lower energy consumptioin.
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