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Activated Powder JLH-04

Standard Spiral Wound Gasket

Product Description:
Activated zeolite power JLH-04 is calcined synthetic zeolite power, after calcination, most of moisture that it contains has been released, so it can be used as adsorbent and desiccant directly in various application.
4a zeolite molecular sieves can work as moisture scavenger in a wide variety of applications. It is largely used to remove moisture from polyurethane polymer systems, activated zeolite powder 4a can remove moisture without causing undue problems with shelf-life viscosity etc.
Technical Specification:
PropertyUnit JLH-04 Note
Static Water Adsorption%wt≥ 26.00RH50%, 25℃
Packing Moisture%wt≤ 2.00550℃, 2hr
Screen Residual%wt ≤ 1.00 325 Mesh
pH Value~≤ 11.00 1% Solution
Recommended Application:
1.Painting and Coating;
2.Sealants and adhesives;
3.Pigment and Solvent Drying;
4.Insulating galss manufacture;
5.Dehydration of polyurethane polymer;
Packaging Information:
CaronDrumSuper Sack
15kg/ 33lb70kg/ 154lb900kg/ 1980lb